We focus on abolishing policing and supporting those harmed by policing practices in the City of Buffalo

Who We Are

We are a member-led, abolitionist organization of Black folk and POC that believes – through leadership development, a shared politic, and community organizing – we will build safe and flourishing communities that resist the ills of white supremacist, cis-heteropatriarchal, capitalism; including policing.

We ground our work in these four pillars:





BLRR develops Black and POC leadership to build a grounded and independent radical left, and develop home spaces in order to enable more organizers of color throughout the City of Buffalo.


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BLRR vs City of Buffalo

We sought to minimize and reduce the harm caused by the Buffalo Police. We were named plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the City and their use of vehicular checkpoints, which unconstitutionally targeted communities of color and exacerbated their financial burdens through excessive ticketing, fines and fees.


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BPD accused of criminalizing ‘black and brown folks’

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